All the Birds!

Learn About the Birds

Here you can learn about many of the Endangered Birds of South Africa, by clicking on their artwork. Each bird has a different story, how they impact the environment, and why they're endangered.

 Loud as thunder, this "Thunderbird" makes a booming call on the environment, keeping snakes in check, although some think it's a bad omen.

 Nature's Clean Up system, getting rid of leftover bones and carrion, all with a fiery red coat, but misunderstood due to a myth.

 Fish loving southern sea bird that lives on land and travels the sea, hates pollution and plastic

This owl loves to eat cat fish, and is known for its large size and brown eyes, but is losing its habitat.

These seabirds have been affected by over-predation, habitat loss, and overfishing.

These large and colorful birds have been endangered because of habitat loss and pollution.